Slide23Everybody has their beauty secrets, and as an Esthetician and Makeup artist of 14 years I love to share my beauty finds.

I am going to add in my favorite line of Vitamins to this because quite frankly it’s not only what we put on our skin topically, it’s also what we digest. And after competing and being on a strict nutritional plan, and depleting water, this has really helped my skin so much, including keeping my nails and hair strong.

“I think it’s best to keep your skin regimen simple, but to the point.”

Slide24After trying numerous lines of skincare products, and being a rep for many different lines on the market, and doing some research, I think it’s best to keep your skin regimen simple, but to the point.

CLEANER: Cetaphil, found right in your pharmacy, is a great mild wash that does the job and is not very expensive.

EXFOLIATOR: I use the one from Zo Obagi, but there are many others on the shelves. Some have micro-beads and others are non-abrasive but still do the same thing.

MOISTURIZER: Kielh’s, Cetaphil, and Zo obagi are just three of the brands ranging from less to the most expensive. They are what I found to be the most effective and can really target your skin concerns.

SUNSCREEN: Neutrogena 50+.

VITAMIN C : Skiceauticals, it’s a little on the pricey side but it’s well worth it. The bottle can last you up to 8+ months if you use it sparingly.

EYE CREAM: Kiel’s Avocado, perfect for hydration. I use this at night time.

JUICE PLUS: Vineyard, Fruits & Veggies (Vitamin), 30 different fruit and veggies. The phytonutrients are from real plants and help with free radicals, and are both anti aging.

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EElise Firestone | Contributing Editor

Elise is a renowned makeup artist, has a B.S. in Sports & Leisure Management, and is certified in both group aerobics and personal training. Her two passions became linked when she discovered the world of Fitness Competitions. Drawn in by the rhinestone bikinis, big hair, and makeup, she has competed and won at a national level. She is also published in several magazines as a feature model, writer, and makeup artist. Find her at

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