Stop Acne Breakouts Before They Occur!


By Elise Firestone

What’s with the breakouts???


Lately I’ve been hearing from a lot of my clients about acne breakouts.  Breakouts occur from excess sebum (oil) that clogs the pores of the skin, causing acne. Here are some helpful suggestions to stop breakouts before they occur:

  • Wash your face 2-3 times per day. AM/PM and after a vigorous workout.
  • Always wash with a new towel. This way you aren’t using the same dirty towel over and over again.
  • Change your pillow case 1x per week.
  • Do NOT PICK!!! You can spread the bacteria and you can also cause permanent scarring.
  • If you are using make-up brushes, make sure 1x per week you clean these.
  • Try NOT to touch your face throughout the day, or only with clean hands.
  • Go for a facial 1x per month. This is not only relaxing but it’s also good to rejuvenate.
  • Wash your hair. Often times sebum can build up in the scalp causing breakouts to occur within the hairline.
  • Use hyper allergenic products, including makeup, sunscreen, moisturizers, cleaners, shampoo & conditioners.
  • Check out your diet. Maybe foods or supplements are making you breakout. This happens more often then we think.
  • Change your makeup products and hair products if breakouts are not clearing up.
  • Less is more. Try to let your face breathe by using only a light moisturizer, something like Cetaphil, which is great for sensitive skin.


*If breakouts still keep occurring then it’s time to make a phone call to a dermatologist.


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EElise Firestone | Contributing Editor / Photo Shoot Make-up Artist

Elise is a renowned Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist, has a B.S. in Sports & Leisure Management, and is certified in both group aerobics and personal training. Her two passions became linked when she discovered the world of Fitness Competitions. Drawn in by the rhinestone bikinis, big hair, and makeup, she has competed and won at a national level. She is also published in several magazines as a feature model, writer, and makeup artist. Find her at