c512d692-4d81-4a29-bd9c-4fb30782a61bPACK SNACK & GO!

by Jessie Lynn

You’re out shopping, running errands, and all of a sudden it happens. Hunger hits you like a ton of bricks. Even though you know you will be home in a few, that chocolate bar is calling your name. Let’s face it, at this point we will tend to reach for an item in the check-out line, or drive through, that may not be the greatest. I know I have struggled with this numerous times on and off of competition prep. Well, I have come up with a quick solution that will help you in a pinch. It is extremely easy, inexpensive, and customizable to anyone’s dietary needs.

The “Pack, Snack, and Go” can be stored in your gym bag, purse, car, cooler; the possibilities are endless.

*extremely easy



Slide21Here’s what you do! Head to your local craft store and make your way to the bead section. There should be storage containers, different sizes, which would normally be used to store loose beads. Once you have found the perfect container, the fun can begin. Take your desired snacks, weigh them out, and place them in their own section.

This is what my pack looks like. I weighed all of my items to an ounce each. Starting from top left: raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, freeze dried edamame, dried cherries, mangos, and raisins, Annie’s gluten-free Bunnies, and gluten-free granola. I normally change my pack once every week/two weeks. Each time it’s normally stocked with different snacks that fit my needs for that week.

This is perfect for a competitor in season or even off, and makes tracking your macros for unexpected snack times so much easier. So go get your snack and pack on ya’ll!



JessieLynn_photo2Jessie Lynn | Contributing Editor

Jessie is WITS certified as a personal trainer and a WNBF/INBF Bikini Competitor. She is very passionate and dedicated to what she does. If Jessie is not in the kitchen working on a recipe, she’s in the gym lifting weights. She also has her BFA in Fashion Design and a Minor in Graphic Design. You can find her on Instagram Tattoo_Jessie.

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