Slide55MIX IT UP!

by Dominique Bouthillette | Sponsored Athlete

Ever have those days where you just want to avoid the gym at all costs? I know I have them frequently enough, as I’m sure a lot of people do. You don’t really want to drive there, wait on equipment, or even use equipment for that matter, and you’re just bored to tears with the thought of doing your daily workout. Yup.

That happens…a lot. Even to me who really should just live at the gym. However I have found the secret to not dreading a workout or even having to go to a gym is to MIX IT UP!

IF it’s driving to an establishment, crowded with people that is off-putting then stay at home. Find a Tabata or H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) style workout where you are essentially pushing yourself doing exercises like push-ups, burpees, rows, squat jumps, etc. for an ultra intense duration of time and then resting briefly between the sets. For example, Tabata is 20 seconds of intense exercise with 10 seconds of rest between for 4 minutes with 8 cycles total). I personally prefer the Insanity program’s workout videos to do at home for a good sweat but I also do some of the Body Rock or Fitness Blender workouts on YouTube….so easy you can just pull it up on you phone and do it in the living room!

Slide56I also consider what kind of exercise I need. If I am not feeling equipment and am sore from the previous day of lifting I’ll go running or do yoga. Just that simple variation in your workout schedule makes a fitness regimen less like a chore and more fun! Which means you will be much more engaged in your workout and happier to start and finish it than you would if you had never switched things up.

And for good measure if you want something hard and to do at home, here is a H.I.I.T. workout I made up and kicks my butt every time!

DOMination H.I.I.T.: 5 minutes each set (x4) with 1 minute rest between sets

1 minute The Heinsman | 30 seconds rest

1 minute Butt Kicks | 30 seconds rest

1 minute Switch Kicks | 30 seconds rest

1 minute Squat Jumps | 30 seconds rest

1 minute High Knees

Try some of these for variety if you haven’t:

H.I.I.T. (Fitness Blender’s 60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Tabata HIIT, Abs and Obliques Workout on YouTube)

∙ Bikram Yoga

∙ Swimming Laps

∙ Spin Class

∙ Boot Camp

∙ Jump Roping

∙ Ultimate Frisbee

∙ Canoeing or Kayaking

∙ Hiking

∙ A dance class or pole dancing class (yes I said it, they’re very hard!)

Hopefully this is helpful and intriguing for you all. Now go sweat it out! Cheers my Beauties!

Xoxo, Dom



DOM_BIO_NBM_SITEDominique Bouthillette | Contributing Writer & NBM Sponsored Athlete

Dominique began her competing journey June of 2014 and took 1st and Overall in Novice for her first INBF show and placed 2nd in Open at her second show. Dominique plans to compete this fall in hopes to earn her INBF Pro Card. On a daily basis, Dominique works as a medical animator and 3D artist. She also loves singing and has her own covers of songs on Soundcloud.


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