BIKINI_SITEHow the Heck Do I Do My Own MAKEUP?! By Dominique Bouthillette | Sponsored Athlete

As this is my first column I am happily writing for Natural Bikini Magazine I’d like to say I had a million and one directions I could go in with this month’s article. Overwhelming. However, I have been approached the past couple months with questions about competing…LOTS of them. Which is great! Never be afraid to ask questions, whether it’s competition prep related or otherwise, because asking questions helps you learn and understand. So with that said I have decided to touch upon a question one of my teammates asked me the other day and one I get asked a lot by other competitors. How the heck do I do my own MAKEUP!?

Competing can get very expensive, so naturally I try to cut down on my expenses when I can. One example being doing my own makeup. By no means am I telling you to try this if you’re on Peak Week, drinking 2 gallons a day and have a million other things to think about for your show that weekend. That would probably worry you and be unnecessary added stress. Then again, if you’re 6 weeks out from a show as I currently am, you have some time to play! I am not the girliest girl in the world but let’s face it (pun intended), we all need stage makeup. No matter how naturally beautiful a competitor is, stage makeup is key. One thing I have learned growing up around theater, choirs, and bodybuilding is the stage always requires everything to be “over done,” including makeup. Our features get lost in the lights and things that would normally pop in natural sunlight or up close get washed out on stage. So not only do we have to a) wear it but b) have to EXAGGERATE it. As I tell people who are curious about stage makeup. “Well…we have to wear it like a drag queen.” Now I don’t mean go out and do Mimi style Drew Carrey eye shadow and lips, but you do have to go heavier with your hand on the makeup.


“…modified, smokey cat eye with a pink semi neutral lip.”

Now my go to look for myself is normally a modified, smokey cat eye with a pink semi neutral lip. I also take into consideration what color suit I’ll be wearing; you may do different colors depending on your suit. I try not to match my eye shadow to my suit too much and if I’m doing a heavy smoky eye, I will do a light lip of vice versa. Here is one of my favorite tutorials on smoky eyes: Victoria Vandal Smoky Eye Tutorial. As for foundation, I always default to MACs liquid foundation in NW40 and NW45; it is widely known and used by competitors. You can use these two colors to highlight and blend to get your face to match your tan. I do not recommend tanning your face as the chemicals in your tan may cause your foundation to oxidize when you put the makeup on. This can turn your face green due to pH levels or make you gradually darker over the day causing you to have a mismatched tan and look “muddy.”

Another thing I always do for the stage is highlight and contour my face. Trust me, I didn’t think so at first, but it does make a difference. One of my teammates showed me how to do this at our first show and let me tell you it made a world of difference on stage. Your features pop because you can give yourself the definition you need in your cheeks, jaw line and overall bone structure. It enhances what you have and can even create the illusion of a more defined nose or cheek. Generally I use a very dark brown makeup crayon and a very light pinkish-white makeup crayon and blend with my foundation to achieve the desired look. Here is a very simple tutorial on how to go about highlighting and contouring: Missy Lynn Highlight & Contouring Tutorial.

make up beauty lipstick nail polish liquid powder mascara pencilMascara, eyeliner and lashes are the last piece! I always do black for these because it’s the darkest you can go and they show up well on stage. Even if you have long lashes, which I do, I recommend using falsies just to give you that extra volume since they are very easily applied with glue.

I hope you all nail your stage makeup and that this helps anyone looking to try and do their own. Even if it’s not for a show and just for fun! I’ve included a list of my favorites below. Cheers, my beauties!


  • Covergirl lash blast mascara (very black)
  • NYC or Covergirl soft eye pencil (black)
  • Nuance blush by Salma Hayek
  • Maybelline cover up (medium)
  • MAC liquid foundation and eye shadows
  • Revlon and Covergirl lipsticks


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DOM_BIO_NBM_SITEDominique Bouthillette | Contributing Writer & NBM Sponsored Athlete

Dominique began her competing journey June of 2014 and took 1st and Overall in Novice for her first INBF show and placed 2nd in Open at her second show. Dominique plans to compete this fall in hopes to earn her INBF Pro Card. On a daily basis, Dominique works as a medical animator and 3D artist. She also loves singing and has her own covers of songs on Soundcloud.