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Felicia Hewitt

Age: 28

Height: 5’9”

Stage weight:  Recently, it’s around 133-136; in the past it has been closer to 140

Off-season weight:  Currently 140, although in the past I wasn’t as disciplined and weighed around 150.

I was born in Oklahoma, and have lived here most of my life. I currently reside in Claremore, OK, and work as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach from my private gym.

I made the switch to the NANBF from the NPC in the fall of 2013, and haven’t looked back. I competed twice with the NANBF, and will be competing with the IFPA later this year as a Professional Bikini athlete at the KC Pro International! I haven’t competed with any other federations since making the switch, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t. As long as the federation is drug tested/natural, I would consider it!

I do not currently have any sponsors, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to representing a company that I believe in. I simply haven’t found an opportunity that I thought would be mutually beneficial for both parties.




“In the off-season, the highest I’ve maximized my caloric intake was around 2,700 calories.”

I follow the flexible dieting (IIFYM) method of nutrition. I track macros! That doesn’t mean that I eat a ton of junk. My nutrition is mostly comprised of lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats, but I do allow myself treats in moderation and don’t feel guilty for that. The closer I am to a contest date, the fewer treats I have and the “cleaner” my nutrition becomes.

My primary protein sources are chicken, fish, lean beef and pork, eggs, whey isolate,  fat-free Greek yogurt, and fat free cheese/dairy. For carb sources, I try to mix it up a lot. I eat loads of in-season, fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, and I mix in your typical brown and white rice and sweet potatoes. I like to keep it enjoyable, though, and I also eat whole-grain or whole-wheat pasta, wraps, tortillas, and bread, as well as occasional treats like low-fat ice cream. For fats, I rely heavily on avocados, coconut , flax, and olive oils, and NUT BUTTERS! I adore nut butters, especially crunchy almond butter!

In the off-season, the highest I’ve maximized my caloric intake was around 2,700 calories. Recently, though, with shorter periods between contests, I have had off-season intake of 2400 calories. Each prep is different, but across the board, my lower days have never dropped below 1,300 calories and my carb intake has never dropped below 115 grams/day.


“As a tall person, it’s hard to have full, round muscle bellies and I’ve trained my tail off to get these gams!”

Back and  leg work is my absolute favorite. I think my legs are my most impressive body part. As a tall person, it’s hard to have full, round muscle bellies, and I’ve trained my tail off to get these gams! I incorporate HEAVY squats, lunges, and dead lifts into my training regularly, and with relatively high volume (at least twice a week), to grow my legs and booty. My least impressive body part is my back and waist. I’m naturally tall and thin with no curves, so I’m working really hard to bring width to my back for that “hourglass” figure. I have been incorporating weighted pull-ups and heavy pull-downs quite a bit to tackle that area, and I also train my back twice a week.



Dinner and a movie is… OVERRATED! Let’s do something adventurous!

Tattoos are… Art. Permanent art! Choose carefully!

One thing on my bucket list left to do in this life isLearn to surf in Australia.

Give us a fun factI was the first person on both sides of my family to graduate from college, and I did so with honors – summa cum laude in finance with an emphasis in banking. Brains AND brawn!

“Adopt the lifestyle. Enjoy your body for what it is capable of doing and not just the way it looks stage-ready, and enjoy every minute you get on stage. This lifestyle is a regular grind and a rare celebration. Blessings!”

2014 NANBF Natural Southern States | Photo by Straw Productions

Contest History:

2014 NANBF Natural Southern States Classic

Open Bikini Tall II 1st and Pro Card

2013 NANBF St Louis Gateway Naturals

Open Bikini Tall 1st, Bikini Novice Tall 1st

2013 NPC Team Universe

Open Bikini Class F 11th

2012 NPC USA Championships 

Open Bikini Class F 14th

2012 NPC Oklahoma Championships

Open Bikini Class C 1st

2012 NPC Battle of the Bodies

Open Bikini Class C 3rd

2011 NPC OKC Grand Prix Championships 

Open Bikini Class C 6th

2011 NPC Total Package

Open Figure Tall 2nd

2009 NPC Red River Championships 

Open Figure Tall 6th

2009 NPC Total Package

Open Figure Tall 3rd


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