Intro & photography by Lorenzo Gaspar

Tricia Keller won her first PNBA contest at the North American Pro Bikini Divas in Chicago, Illinois. I asked her what makes her different from the other competitors. She replied with the following 10 factors that set her apart in the sport.

“…being comfortable and looking confident is crucial when you’re trying to stand out…”

2014 PNBA North American Pro Bikini Divas

1. Stage presence

One of the biggest things I’m known for is my stage presence. I absolutely love to be on stage and I think that being comfortable and looking confident is crucial when you’re trying to stand out on stage with a group of beautiful women.

2. Posing

I have put a lot of time into my posing practice. You can have an amazing body but if you don’t know how to show it, you’re not going to do well. Reviewing photos and videos of myself has really helped me in making adjustments to better show my physique.

3. My Coach

I could not ask for a better coach. I started training with Brian McCabe 4 years ago and he’s the reason I started competing. I’m so lucky to have him as a coach. He is so dedicated to his competitors. It’s amazing to have someone who is not just a coach but also a good friend.

4. Occupation

I’m a hairstylist so I feel really lucky that I already know how to do my own hair and makeup. One of my favorite parts of show day is getting ready and listening to music. It’s comforting knowing that I don’t have to rely on someone else day of.

“I’m constantly pushing myself for better results.”


5. Workouts

I think my workouts are little different than your average Bikini competitor. I do the same movements my teammates that compete in Bodybuilding and Figure do. I’m just not as strong as they are…yet. A lot of what I do is from Charles Poliquin. I’m doing what I know works and keep getting the results I want with it

6. I am extremely competitive with myself

I love to challenge myself when it comes to my training and I’m always trying to break my own personal records. This keeps me motivated in the gym and has helped me make progress with my physique. I’m constantly pushing myself for better results.

7. Team

I’m really lucky to be a part of team Bodysculpt here in Chicago. I meet with my teammates every Sunday for a training session and posing practice. It can be tough going through the week being surrounded by people who don’t understand how tough, not just physically but also mentally competition prep can be. I love knowing that I’ve got a team of people on my side going through the same thing I am.

“Right now could not be a better time in my life to compete.”


8. Location

I’m so fortunate to live in a great city like Chicago. In the summer I love to take my workouts outside and run along the lakefront. The city is also full of amazing fitness classes that if I’m getting sick of my routine, I can just pop into. Flywheel Chicago is an amazing spin class that always kicks my butt and stiletto dance studio at HiFi-Fitness gym is an amazing workout that doesn’t even feel like a workout because it’s so much fun.

9. Genetics

I work REALLY hard for my results but I also am very blessed with good genetics. I naturally have a curvy, symmetrical bikini body so my training is focused on just enhancing my features. I think that’s a big reason why I’ve done so well in natural shows, because my body is 100% natural.

10. Focus and discipline

A lot of people that don’t compete think I’m crazy for my extreme level of discipline. I never miss a workout and I am very serious about my diet. Right now could not be a better time in my life to compete. I’m young and don’t have the responsibility of a family yet. I can be 100% selfish with my time and allow myself to focus completely on my training.


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