EDITOR’S NOTE by Ben Yosef | Editor-in-Chief [March 2014 to Dec 2014]

For me au natural is the way, and that goes for photography as well. I see so many magazine covers that are totally over edited. So many feature spreads that are so “shopped” that the subjects photographed look almost cartoonish.

I personally believe in capturing the true natural essence of a subject when photographing them. Sure, we all have various “imperfections” but that is one of the beautiful things about all of us.

I have photographed many models and athletes and just about all of them had some sort of feature that may have distracted from the image I was trying to capture. In order to adjust for this I will tweak the lighting, shooting angle, pose, etc… I rely on natural factors in order to get the most photogenic image. I do not rely on a software program to “fix” my image which would ultimately produce an unnatural portrayal of the subject. For example, If a model has stretch marks that at a certain angle will be distracting, then let’s switch the angle. Even with the adjusted angle, the model is the same. If I were to edit out the marks then that isn’t real. 

Ok, so I recently received some images slated to be used within this very magazine and the photos were VERY LIGHTLY re- touched /edited by the photographer. The stunning athlete looked absolutely perfect except for what looked like a ruptured blood vessel on her lip. I asked the photographer to edit that out. For me, this sort of thing is a rare exception. ‎Light editing, not a major overhaul of facial features, body contouring, or reshaping.

I personally do not own any extensive editing software or programs. That being said, photographers and artists who ‎choose to do extensive editing of their subjects have every right to do so. I am not hating on anyone. ‎

As for MiBoLife Publishing magazines (Natural Bikini, Natural Mag, Natural Gainz) you won’t see any majorly airbrushed or “shopped” images. I have actually sent photographs back to photographers or just omitted certain images that were too “done up.” I am very serious about this “natural stuff”.

-ben yosef  editor-in-chief


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