Stunning Bikini Pro on winning it all on her first try and surviving the wrath of high school mean girls. Interview by Ben Yosef | Photography by Erin Quigley


Rebecca Macey Photography by Erin Quigley

There is  much more to Superstar Bikini Pro Rebecca Macey than meets the eye. At first glance this dynamic competitor is completely owning the stage with her inspiring stage presence and jaw-dropping physique. However, what cannot be seen from this view is a young girl barley out of high-school who has suffered her share of torment at the hands of high-school mean girls, and even some of the faculty. 

The gym and the stage are her outlets. It is within these arenas that Rebecca Macey is able to channel her frustrations into something beautiful. Something magical. ‎Surely her story will serve as inspiration to many others who may have shared a similar past, or who are currently dealing with comparable struggles. Even if your personal story is vastly different, I am sure you will find Rebecca Macey’s well worth the read.

What an incredible physique you have!

Thanks! Can’t wait to get back to it.

Congratulations on such a phenomenal start to your competitive career.

Thank you! I’m super pumped to see what the future has in store for me.

How long have you been training? And were you an athlete in school?

In high school I was a competitive cheerleader. I remember my first gym membership was sophomore year at a small local gym. I started going to work out my frustrations I would face on a daily basis from the “mean girls“. Never did I imagine it would turn me into the Bikini Pro I am today.

Well, as we all know the gym can be an incredible stress reliever!

Yes! Definitely.

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“I started going to work out my frustrations I would face on a daily basis from the mean girls…

Lets talk about these “mean girls”. Were you “bullied” in school?

I wouldn’t say I was bullied because I’ve always been a tough chick. It was the mean girls that would make it their goal in life to have me isolated. There were countless rumors and people turning on me daily. It’s hard to try to convince people of the truth when six girls are all spreading the same rumors and only one of me to try to combat it. The worst part is the mean girl’s mothers were teachers at our school as well and would have the facility shooting me dirty looks which was completely outrageous. My grades suffered not because I did poorly, but because teachers scored me based on whether or not their daughters liked me.

Wow Rebecca, that sounds intense. I am really sorry you had to experience all that. It sounds like you were most certainly bullied. The days of bullying by physical means have often been replaced by the type of bullying that you just described. And, this new type of “social bullying” is often thought to have a much greater impact.

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“…the isolation and rumors were just as scarring unfortunately.”

Yeah, I would have to agree. It’s so hard to put a label on it because typically people assume bullying is getting punched in the face or something. But the isolations and rumors were just as scarring unfortunately.

Indeed. What is so interesting about this is one would look at you today and see a fit, strong, confident superstar. And, what you have brought to the stage…I mean, you are just incredible, and  an inspiration to many. The last thing that anyone would think is that you were a victim of bullying.

I want to show girls that you are not your past. I want every girl that has ever felt what I felt to look in the mirror and say, “Screw them, I am beautiful.” That’s why I started competing. That, and because I love being on stage. [laughs]

So, being 20 years old, this experience is relatively recent?

Yes, I graduated high school in 2011 so not too long ago.

Do you still reside near the town that you went to school in? And do you still see any of those people?

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“I used to think I deserved it but then realized people that bully others are doing it because there is something wrong within them, not me.”

I do still live in this town and will for another year to finish college, then my family and I want to move. Thankfully I don’t see them but I know they see all of my pictures and have heard of my success which makes me happy. My little cousin is going through the same thing in her town and it is important for me to make sure she sees how I handled myself. I want to be a role model for her.

Have you ever attempted to go into the minds of people like that? Have you ever tried to make sense of why some people need to bully others?

Not super in depth. I used to think I deserved it, but then realized people that bully others are doing it because there is something wrong within them not me.

Exactly. I can only imagine the inner demons people like that must be battling with. So, how can people who are dealing with bullies handle the situation? What advice would you give to them? And what would you say to all the bullies out there if they would listen?

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“The key is to be strong and maybe try what I did and start working out or take up a hobby that really interests you.”

I would tell anyone being bullied that everything eventually will come full circle, but in the meantime don’t stop being the amazing person that you are. The key is to be strong and maybe try what I did and start working out or take up a hobby that really interests you.

If there are any bullies that can hear this I would tell them to be very, very careful because when things finally do come full circle, you’re not going to like it very much.

Well said. So, lets talk about some fun stuff now! [laughs]

[laughs] Thanks! Ok let’s.

Like your meteoric rise to the top! When did you first get the notion to compete?

I wanted to compete my freshmen year of college when my cousin’s fiancé told me about her days as a competitor. Ever since then I was intrigued.

Nice. So, you come out in your first show and BAM! You sweep the whole show and win your Pro Card in the process. How long had you been training for this show?

I know, how crazy! I was on competition prep for about two-and-a-half months prior to the OCB Liberty State Natural.

Well, you looked amazing. With the package you brought, I imagine you were pretty confident going in?

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“I was only in the Liberty State show to get a feel of how competing is suppose to be. I never expected the end result.”

Actually I felt ‘all right‘. It was intended as a warm-up show. I wasn’t peaked and it was my first one, but because I love the stage I felt pretty secure, but not 100%. Thankfully my coach was motivating me the whole time. If it weren’t for my team I would have been a nervous wreck backstage!

What show were you warming up for?

I was only in the Liberty State show to get a feel of how competing is suppose to be. I never expected the end result. [laughs] My next show is the Gaspari in October.

How excited are you to stand on stage with some of the best Natural Bikini competitors in the World at this year’s IFPA Yorton Cup? And where do you see yourself beyond the Yorton?

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“The second I step off stage I want to do it all over again.”

I feel so blessed! My favorite part of competing is meeting the other athletes. After the Yorton I want to get on stage again as soon as possible.

There is something so exhilarating about being up there. The second I step off stage I want to do it all over again. The sweat, blood, tears, and hardships are all worth it when I’m up there.


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